Professional Business Portraits

At Dreamweaver Artists, we believe that your business portrait should convey success! The professional portrait which you use in your business publications or for display on your web site conveys a message.

Is that message one of treating your professional image haphazardly, or is it one that says you care about your reputation?

Should you rely on someone at home or your office to take a snapshot of you to publish?

Snapshot of professional

What does this type of headshot photograph REALLY say about you as a professional? Many times snapshots demonstrate poor lighting and little expression. Why not invest a little time and money with a photographer getting a professional portrait made? It will then send the message that you want to convey – one of success and a winning attitude. The old style, old school type of photography isn't as effective as it once was.

At Dreamweaver Artists, we have many different backdrops and styles of headshot, 3/4 length, or full length portraits that can add color and pizazz to your business image. These choices give you the option of picking the photography that states what you want it to say. In our portrait sessions, we always encourage our professional clients to try different backgrounds, locations and poses, and in many cases, they select images that they did not originally envision before the session. This is where we strive to provide outstanding value – in creating an image for you that is BETTER than what you expected.

Professionally photographed businessman headshot

Your clients trust people who look genuine, down-to-earth, and personable. We spend the time with you get to know you a little, to have a relaxed session, and to capture you at your best. Every photograph that leaves our studio is enhanced and retouched as needed so that you look as good as possible. And all of your images come with a written release that gives you all rights to publish them in any form, whether in print, in electronic media, or on the web.

Aside from having a professional portrait made for publication in print, media, or the web, you need to make sure your portrait remains current. It conveys a similar unflattering message if the photography seen by prospective clients is of a much younger “you”. When they meet you in person and see you visibly older, they may wonder whether your skills are as out-of-date as your photograph.

Standard Business Portrait Package - $199 - Includes:

On-location Additional Fee - $75

For portraits of more than one person, and any other situations not covered here, please call us in Memphis at (901) 825-8072 to discuss the investment needed to accomplish your requests. We love to be challenged to create your unique vision.

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